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a sampling of my favorite songs/artists in order from as far back as i can remember to the current.
there's one song for each year, plus one for good luck.

brown eyed girl - jimmy buffet
losing my religion - r.e.m.
don't you (forget about me) - simple minds
the saga begins - weird al
i want it that way - backstreet boys
spice (up your life) - the spice girls
last train to clarksville - the monkees
hungry eyes - eric carmen
as the world falls down - labyrinth
you're so real - matchbox twenty
brand new colony - the postal service
the only living boy in new york - simon & garfunkel
til kingdom come - coldplay
christmas bells - rent
touch me - spring awakening
close to the cusp - old springs pike
watch the moon disappear - the spring standards
summer skin - death cab for cutie
bare - bare: a pop opera
jesus christ - brand new
we looked like giants - death cab for cutie
96,000 - in the heights
a dios le pido - juanes
the cave - mumford and sons
falling - florence and the machine
dirty paws - of monsters and men

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