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hope for agoldensummer - daniel bloom

There aren't many other places to go for coffee in Twin Peaks, due to the small number of restaurants in the area and also because Norma's coffee makes you forget that other kinds of coffee exist. Maybe that's why everyone filters in and out of here. Cooper could station himself in this diner and find a way to interview the whole town in a couple of days, and maybe then he could start to unravel its mysteries, but probably not. Coffee can only solve so much.

The kinds of mysteries people bring here are important, but not the kind he's looking to solve, anyway -- at least, he can't solve most of them. You could take a cross-section of the interactions in this place and try to pick apart the threads that connect everyone in this town, but you'd only be able to see the layer you exposed.

Shelly's late bringing him his coffee because Bobby came in, swaggering like he owns the place. When Shelly isn't looking, his smile lists toward something more genuine. Shelly's smile is the opposite.

Big Ed is here, installed in a little booth in the corner, and Cooper waved his greeting when he came in. Norma brought him his pie before he even had a chance to order, and they exchanged an almost-conversation, neither one of them saying about what they were really speaking about.

"Hello, Agent Cooper."

There aren't many things that could rival Norma's coffee, not many things that could take Cooper's attention away when he's in the middle of a sip, drawing that dark, bitter liquid between his lips, but Audrey Horne -- Audrey Horne is somebody.

Cooper puts his mug down.

"Hello, Audrey."
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